General information on Hitachi SH math performance

Fri Aug 17 19:37:00 GMT 2001

Giulix wrote:
> Dear Jeff Johnston,
> I'm a software developer from Italy. From many years I have developed
> embedded seftware, many of it for Hitachi microprocessor. After use
> commercial design environments now I'm looking on OpenSource projects.
> I have tryed to migrate from my commercial design environment (
> MULTI 2000 for hitach SH series) to GNU gcc cross compiler. The benchmark
> indicate that the performance of compiler are good. Not is the same for the
> math functions. Integet and float math is slow.
> I have experience in assembly code. Could I increase performance of
> mathematical funcions for SH in newlib ? Unfurtunally I don't know the
> newlib structure and the internal new lib function structure. Is there any
> documentation ?
> Besr regards
> Giulix

You didn't mention which SH family part you are using, but you  may want
to check
if you are using the correct libgcc.a for your version of the SH

There are different versions built for the SH1, SH2, SH3, SH3E, SH4,
and Sh4-single-only ABIs.


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