building newlib with i386-coff-gcc

J. Johnston
Wed Aug 15 14:31:00 GMT 2001

flo wrote:
> hi,
> i do not know how to get with my cross-compiled i386-coff
> the newlib working.
> first i built binutils:
> # ../binutils/configure --target=$target --prefix=$prefix -v
> # make all install
> then gcc-2.95.3:
> # ../gcc/configure --target=$target --prefix=$prefix --with-newlib
> --without-headers -v
> # make install-gcc-cross
> # PATH=$PATH:$prefix/bin
> # export CC_FOR_TARGET=/bar/bin/i386-coff-gcc
> # export AS_FOR_TARGET=/bar/bin/i386-coff-as
> # export LD_FOR_TARGET=/bar/bin/i386-coff-ld
> # export AR_FOR_TARGET=/bar/bin/i386-coff-ar
> # export RANLIB_FOR_TARGET=/bar/bin/i386-coff-ranlib
> # ../newlib/configure --target=$target --prefix=$prefix -v
> # make
> ^C
> (Makefile does not use i386-coff-gcc as expected but gcc)
> so i edit in my BUILD directory the Makefile and replaced
> gcc with i386-coff-gcc and as with ...etc.

It looks like you have failed to use the top-level configure from above newlib.  For example, when
you download the newlib source tree, you will have a directory called src which has a sub-directory
newlib.  You need to use the src/configure not the src/newlib/configure.  It will do this for you.
The same applies for all of the other components.  If you have merged your source trees properly,
you want to configure once from the top.  This will configure all of your sub-components like
gcc/binutils/newlib.  When you do this, gcc and newlib will figure out what to do automatically and
you don't have to specify --with-newlib or what tools to use when building newlib.

-- Jeff J.

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