something is missing while making newlib 1.9.0

yang tengyong
Thu Jul 12 19:12:00 GMT 2001

Hello, Dear sir: 

according to the instructions on , I tried to 
make an Cross Compiler for my destination PowerPC platform.  After binutils 

and gcc3.0 have been configured and built successfully, I typed The 
following instructions : 

    configure --target=powerpc-eabi --prefix=/home/newgcc -v 
    make all install 

I failed in making newlib 1.9.0 ,  the message listed below: 

    powerpc-eabi-ar :  fstat.o: no such file or directory 
    make[2]: *** [libsim.a] Error 1 

I tried copy fstat.o , getpid.o ,isatty.o and kill.o into rs6000 directory, 

and typed `make all' again. this time it said "putnum.o: no such file or 
directory". I could not find putnum.o anywhere. 

my opearting system is Redhat 7.0 and gcc version is 2.96 

would you give me some suggestions? 

thanks and  regards 
yang tengyong 

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