Problem with div (1.9.0, arm7tdmi)

Lewin A.R.W. Edwards
Mon Jul 2 18:10:00 GMT 2001

I have been experiencing a very odd bug in div() from newlib 1.9.0 on an 
arm7tdmi target (using gcc 2.95.2/cygwin). The manifestation of the bug is 
that subroutines will spontaneously return out of the middle of the 
routine, or hang, especially on nested div calls. I eventually tracked down 
the culprit and have replaced constructs like:

x = div(a,b).quot;
x = a/b;

and y = div(a,b).rem;
y = a - ((a / b) * b);

which has fixed the behavior but I am concerned that I may run into future 

Is this a known bug in div(), or is it a compiler bug? Or could it be a 
result of not having initalized the run-time environment correctly? My 
startup code basically just initializes the hardware, sets the top of stack 
and jumps to main() - which works fine for me on hppa1.1-winbond and newlib 
1.something-old with gcc-something-old.

(This is not a simple stack overflow error - I moved stack 1Mb away from 
the nearest RAM write :).

There is a complicating factor - this particular code lives inside a device 
driver architecture, (it's a kind of object orientation I have implemented 
in C), and so this code is reached through a function pointer inside a 
structure, possibly through several levels of pointer dereferencing.

The system I'm working on has no real debugging support except a serial 
(text) terminal and the code-loading process is slow (flash/powerup) so I'm 
hoping someone has run across this one before. TIA...

-- Lewin A.R.W. Edwards
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