newlib reentrancy question

Joel Sherrill
Tue Jun 19 07:17:00 GMT 2001

Where's the best description and/or example of how to 
implement newlib pre-thread reentrancy support these

I am investigating a case where cout does not work
for the 2nd task in a system unless the 1st task
uses it.  All of the standard C routines work fine.  
In fact, the printf immediately before the cout calls
in the 2nd task prints.  The clue I think is that
printf does not call fwrite and cout does.  Here
is how we do the per-task reentrancy structures

+ At system initialization, we use a global struct _reent.
  It is initialized using _REENT_INIT.

+ Each task has its own copy of the reent structure.  

+ As part of a context switch the contents of _impure_ptr
are switched.

+ As each task begins execution time, the following code
is executed:

  ptr = (struct _reent *) calloc(1, sizeof(struct _reent));
  *ptr = (struct _reent) _REENT_INIT((*ptr));

What seems to be happening is that the 2nd task gets to

#define CHECK_INIT(fp) \
  do                                    \
    {                                   \
      if ((fp)->_data == 0)             \
        (fp)->_data = _REENT;           \
      if (!(fp)->_data->__sdidinit)     \
        __sinit ((fp)->_data);          \
    }                                   \
  while (0)

and it decides to do the copy in the first if.  But since
_REENT_INIT at task_begin time set __sdidinit to 1, it
skips the __sinit portion.  Any ideas?  Do you think
that our per-task initialization should be different
and make sure __sdidinit is 0?

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