isspace() & i18n

Earnie Boyd
Mon Jun 11 13:49:00 GMT 2001

egor duda wrote:
> Hi!
> Monday, 11 June, 2001 J. Johnston wrote:
> JJ>   Could you explain what scenarios you envision where the header
> JJ> files end up newer than the Cygwin dll?  I could see a user
> JJ> updating the dll without updating the header files, but I find it
> JJ> highly unlikely the opposite would occur.
> user may want to roll back if he found some bugs in new version of dll
> that's critical for him. Currently, most applications will continue
> working, because even if some apis are added to dll, they're more or
> less "exotic", so applications that make use of them are few. but with
> is*() apis, almost every application built against new headers will be
> incompatible with earlier versions of dll. so, backing things up may
> be quite hard.
> JJ>  I also think a user would understand if they were to downgrade
> JJ> their dll without also back-leveling the accompanying header
> JJ> files, all bets would be off.

It seems that a major percentage of those using, upgrading and
downgrading Cygwin are of the ignorant class wrt these matters.  I've
often stated this to the cygwin user list but it still continues.


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