errno handling in nonreentrant syscalls (fwd)

Joachim Falk
Sat May 26 14:31:00 GMT 2001

This is the patch to newlib-1.9.0
it has 2 Parts.

Part 1: fix the errno mess with __impure_ptr_location &

Part 2:
adds a dummy sys directory with dummysyscalls lib and fake crt0.o
This will enable the compiler to generate executables even if they
don't work.
If the compiler generates executables a cross configure will no
more abort with at check if the compiler  m68k-elf-gcc compiler 
works. This test checks for ability to generate
Later it is possible to gradually replace the dummy syscalls.
This enables hands on development on the embedded controler.

  The patch includes only one patched aclocal.m4 the dozens of
  other aclocal.m4 in the newlib source tree are only links to
  it. )

						Joachim Falk
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