Thumb-interwork support by newlib

J. Johnston
Fri Apr 20 18:47:00 GMT 2001

Joel Brenner wrote:
> Hi, I'm using GCC-2.95.3 for arm-elf target with newlib-1.9.0. The
> toolchain works fine, but libc, libm and libg, generated by newlib, do
> not supports thumb-interworking. How can I force newlib to generate
> libraries with interwork support?
> Tanks, Brenner Joel


  You should be getting thumb-interwork multilibs created.  If you specify -print-multi-lib to your
arm compiler, you should see a list of the multilib options.  You will note that a number of
permutations use a subdirectory called interwork and specify -mthumb-interwork as the option.  For
each permutation specified in the list, newlib will use the subdirectory name given and the
specified options.

  If you link or copy the newlib directory together with your gcc source (gcc and newlib are sibling
directories) and build/install, then when you specify -mthumb-interwork on your compile/link, gcc
will know where to find the correct newlib libraries.  If you build newlib in a separate build tree
will have to manually specify the path to the correct subdirectory of arm-elf/lib to point to the
library built with the options you are specifying on the compile.

-- Jeff J.

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