debugging malloc support fro cygwin

J. Johnston
Fri Apr 20 18:33:00 GMT 2001

egor duda wrote:
> JJ> Does this change tie in with a Cygwin patch?
> yes. it was posted in

Ok Egor,

  I changed the patch somewhat.  I added code so the option is documented
in the help for configure.  I also moved the flag setting into
where other such flag setting is performed.  In the future, other platforms
may use the flag as well.

  The patch is checked in.  The ChangeLog follows.

-- Jeff J.

2001-04-20  Jeff Johnston  <>

        * acinclude.m4: Added --enable-malloc-debugging configure flag.
        * For Cygwin specify -DMALLOC_PROVIDED if
        --enable-malloc-debugging selected.
        * aclocal.m4 configure: Regenerated.
          libm/aclocal.m4 libm/configure: Ditto.
        * libc/aclocal.m4 libc/configure: Ditto.
        * libc/machine/aclocal.m4 libc/machine/configure: Ditto.
        * libc/machine/*/aclocal.m4 libc/machine/*/configure: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/aclocal.m4 libc/sys/configure: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/*/aclocal.m4 libc/sys/*/configure: Ditto.
        * doc/aclocal.m4 doc/configure: Ditto.

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