debugging malloc support fro cygwin

egor duda
Fri Apr 20 02:47:00 GMT 2001


Friday, 20 April, 2001 J. Johnston wrote:

>> 2001-04-18  Egor Duda  <>
>>         * acinclude.m4: Don't provide malloc if building for cygwin and
>>         internal debugging malloc is requested.
>>         * aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
>>         * configure: Regenerate.

JJ>   I think I would like to see more details about what you are
JJ> doing.  It appears you have made up your own enablement flag which
JJ> is only being used for Cygwin. 

yes. when configured with this flag, cygwin provides its own
debugging version of malloc() and friends, so it doesn't need newlib's

JJ>  What you want to do can be  accomplished simply by using
JJ> TARGET_CFLAGS on your make to specify -DMALLOC_PROVIDED. 

hmm, i'm not sure i understand what you mean here. where i should set


or some patch to top-level configure, or something else?

JJ> Does this change tie in with a Cygwin patch?

yes. it was posted in

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