strange libm errors (newlib 1.9)

Cliff Tsai
Mon Apr 16 02:27:00 GMT 2001

    I've testing libm on my m68k platform using about 270 basic test
    But I found some strange error.

    1.After  linking and running any "float"(xxxf) math funciton,my m68k
system is carshed down.
       Do I need any other include other than math.h ieeefp.h float.h? Or I
may make some mistakes?

    2.Linking and running "double" math functions is OK.
       But some function will fail on some test pattern!
       (These test pattern are modified from glib's math testsuite)

       (1) asin(0) = 0 fail.
       (2) asin(-0) = 0 fail.
       (3) exp(-0.0) fail but exp(-0) OK.
       (4) pow(0,0) = 1 ,pow(0,-0),pow(-0,-0),pow(-0,-0) all fail.
       (5) fmod(0,3) =0 ,fmod(-0,3)=0 fail.
       (6) nextafter(0,0),nextafter(-0,0),nextafter(0,-0),nextafter(-0,-0)

   PS.The same test patterns are all passed under my x86 PC.


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