Patch: some extra defines

Robert Collins
Wed Mar 28 02:54:00 GMT 2001

The attached patch creates a define for tzname, daylight and timzeone ,
which I got the definitions for from the opengroup standards pages.
These three variables are apparently part of the "SVID issue 1"
standard - whatever that is.

I did this because a program I was porting tested for tzname, not
_tzname (which is currently defined).

Lastly, there is a symbol conflict - timezone() with long int timezone,
so I've #ifdef'd that symbol. If a user defines timezonevar (Couldn't
see a better define to base it on :[ ), then timezone will be #defd to
_timezone. This won't cause linking or compatablity issues - it's
strictly a compile time decision.

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2001-03-21  Robert Collins  <>

	* include/time.h Define tzname to _tzname if it is not defined.
	Define daylight to _daylight if it is not defined
	Prepare a variable export of timezone based on timezonevariable. (Cannot be used with the timezone() function.)
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