arm 7tdmi gnu toolchain

Jörg Preuß
Sun Mar 18 09:55:00 GMT 2001


last semester i had to work on a projekt at my university.
we had an arm board with an arm 7 tdmi proc. it was connected with serial
port to a linux host running kde and kdevelop.
we modified kdevelop so we could use it with our gnu toolchain we build.
but there is one thing which is actually not working:

we thought we could just compile the newlib (and espacially the gcc for to
use this newlib) with --target=arm-none-elf and that's it.
but it didn't work.
compiling with the newlib brought up a SWI every time in the first line of
code. and this was the reason why no programm was runnable on the board or
in the armulator of the gdb.

i read in the archive of the newlib-mailinglist, that there is a bug in
crt0.S. i patched it as it was explained. but that didn't help.
i also read about the problem with libgloss. but it didn't make a difference
compiling especially the newlib or implicit the libgloss - according to the
problem with the SWI.

does someone knows a hint or probably a solution?


icq  : 10469889

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