newlib ignored by top-level configure

Greg McGary
Sat Mar 10 12:01:00 GMT 2001

host: i686-pc-linux-gnu
goal: run gcc testsuite for cross target m32r-elf
    checkout unified toolchain from
    checkout gcc from
    graft gcc source into unified toolchain tree via symlink
    make a build dir that's a peer of toplevel toolchain+gcc in src/
    in build dir, configure like so:
	../src/configure --target=m32r-elf --enable-cgen-maint

I expected to see newlib/ and libgloss/ build-subdirs, but none appear.
`--with-newlib' is automatically passed to sub-configures, and
m32r doesn't set `noconfigdirs' in

If I explicitly pass `--with-newlib' to the toplevel configure, it
makes no difference a'tall--still no newlib/ or libgloss/

Any clues about what I'm doing wrong here?


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