Configure option for seting lib as Big endianess!

J. Johnston
Fri Mar 9 09:13:00 GMT 2001 wrote:
> Hi:
>     I'm configuring newlib as
>     ./configure --target=arm-elf ....
>     But I wanna know how to configure it as Big Endianess.
>     By the way,if there are any docs explain about the
>     configure options.
>     Thanks!


  First of all, do not configure in the source directory (./configure).
Create a separate build directory and specify the full path to the source configure file.

  Secondly, newlib has multilib support.  What this means is that it builds multiple versions of the
library using various permutations of compiler options.  This permutation of options is encoded into
the compiler.  If you invoke the target compiler with the -print-multi-lib option, you will see the
various options it will use.  For dual-endian platforms, both big endian and little endian forms of
the library will be built.  For the arm, big-endian support is one of the multilib options.

  Each multilib library gets installed in a special subdirectory specified by the compiler (the
subdirectory name used for a particular option is part of the output of -print-multi-lib).  When
multiple options are used, multiple levels of subdirectory are used.  If you install newlib where
gcc is installed, then when the compiler is given one or more of the special multilib options, it
knows automatically where to search for the correct library from the install directory (if you do a
compile/link).  Otherwise, you can manually specify the location of the appropriate library via the
-L option.

  There are no special docs for configure options, but you can specify --help to any configure
script and it should have a list of special options and what they are for.  For example, if you run
newlib's configure script with --help, it will tell you information regarding the newlib-specific
options available.

-- Jeff J.

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