[Patch] to support m68k simulator

Will Cohen wcohen@redhat.com
Tue Feb 27 15:05:00 GMT 2001

DJ Delorie and I have integrated the m68k emulator from the Un*x Amiga
Emulator (UAE) with gdb. UAE is GPL'ed software. To fully support this
there are some additional files required in newlib's libgloss/m68k. The
ChangeLog entries and patch file are attached to this mail.  I would
like to get this incorporated into newlib to the use of the m68k
simulator with the gcc compiler. Other people might find this patch

-Will Cohen
2001-02-27  Will Cohen  <wcohen@redhat.com>

	* src/libgloss/m68k/Makefile.in: Updated copyright and
	 added rules to build simulator related libraries.
	(SIM_SCRIPTS): New variable.
	(SIM_LDFLAGS): New variable.
	(SIM_BSP): New variable.
	(SIM_CRT0): New variable.
	(SIM_OBJS): New variable.
	(SIM_TEST): New variable.
	(SIM_INSTALL): new variable.
	* src/libgloss/m68k/sim-abort.c: New file.
	* src/libgloss/m68k/sim-crt0.S: New file.
	* src/libgloss/m68k/sim-errno.c: New file.
	* src/libgloss/m68k/sim-funcs.c: New file.
	* src/libgloss/m68k/sim-inbyte.c: New file.
	* src/libgloss/m68k/sim-print.c: New file.
	* src/libgloss/m68k/sim-sbrk.c: New file.
	* src/libgloss/m68k/sim.ld: New file.
	* src/libgloss/m68k/simulator.S: New file.

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