what happened to COPYING.newlib in the tarball?

J. Johnston jjohnstn@cygnus.com
Thu Feb 22 14:31:00 GMT 2001

"Bryan K. Ogawa" wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, J. Johnston wrote:
> > "Bryan K. Ogawa" wrote:
> [...]
> > > However, I had a few license-related questions.
> [q&a snipped]
> Thanks for the information, and the corrections to my non-careful
> examination of the tarball.  A few more clarifications:
> It appears that the code covered by copying.dj (and thus, by the GPL
> with some exceptions) is restricted to the cases that:
> 1.  You are using go32.
> 2.  You are using the machine/i386 setjmp assembly stuff.  Is this for
> DOS only?
> 3.  You use the mn10x00 access.c
> 4.  you use the h8300 file.h
> Is this a proper interpretation of the intent of the coders ?  If the
> answer is "you need to ask your lawyer", I understand, but I'm more asking
> "what were people thinking" instead of "what can I get away with".
> The reason I'm asking is that I noticed that some people doing hobby
> development for the Dreamcast were rolling their own (X11-licensed) libc
> because they were under the impression that newlib was GPL'ed, and if
> that's not the case, then I thought I'd recommend that they use newlib. 


I have made a number of check-ins after discussion with DJ Delorie.  Now, only the
code in the libc/sys/go32 directory is covered by copying.dj and this code is
only used if you are configured for go32.

The following are the ChangeLog entries:

In newlib:

2001-02-22  Jeff Johnston  <jjohnstn@redhat.com>

        * libc/include/machine/setjmp-dj.h: With DJ Delorie's permission,
        changed the copyright information to allow free modification of the
        file with no reference to "copying.dj".
        * libc/include/sys/stat-dj.h: Ditto.
        * libc/machine/i386/setjmp.S: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/h8300hms/sys/file.h: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/sysmec/access.c: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/sysnecv850/access.c: Ditto.
        * libc/stdio/mktemp.c: Fixed typo for the word copyright.
        * libc/stdlib/getenv_r.c: Ditto.
        * libc/stdlib/putenv_r.c: Ditto.
        * libc/stdlib/setenv_r.c: Ditto.
        * libc/stdlib/getenv.c: Removed DJ reference since any possible
        modifications will now be in the _r version of this file.
        * libc/stdlib/putenv.c: Ditto.
        * libc/stdlib/setenv.c: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/go32/copying.dj: Removed DJ's address which is no longer
        valid.  Added a reference to DJ's web page that contains his address.
        * libc/sys/go32/*.s: Removed references to DJ's old address.
        * libc/sys/go32/*.c: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/go32/*.h: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/go32/*.S: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/go32/sys/*.h: Ditto.

In libgloss:

2001-02-22  Jeff Johnston  <jjohnstn@redhat.com>

        * mn10200/access.c: With DJ Delorie's permission, this code is
        now freely modifiable with no reference to "copying.dj".
        * mn10300/access.c: Ditto.

-- Jeff J.

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