J. Johnston
Mon Dec 4 10:18:00 GMT 2000

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> In reviewing my patch, I noticed that I had some remnants left
> from me investigating the v850.  I recall some discussion and
> we ended up dropping the -mno-app-regs and -msmall-sld options
> on all v850 configurations because they were not in gcc.  I
> do not know if this should still be in or not and have cut it from
> my patch. See
> for details and Jeff's patch.
> The patch is attached/
> 2000-12-01      Joel Sherrill <>
>         * (or16, or32): New entries for OpenCores
> OpenRisc CPUs.
>         * (*-*-rtems*): Add -DNO_EXEC.

Patch checked in.

-- Jeff J.

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