Building CrosGCC with newlib: crt1.o missing

J. Johnston
Mon Nov 20 11:04:00 GMT 2000

Martin Oberhuber wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to build a Windows (cygwin-1.1.5) based CrossGCC (2.95.2-5)
> with newlib-1.8.2. Target should be i386-pc-linux-gnu.
> I first compiled binutils, then I merged the gcc and newlib source
> trees, then I could build the CrossGCC. In fact, my new CrosGCC can
> build correct objects, but it fails to link because crt1.o is missing.
> Where do I get the missing crt1.o for a i386-pc-linux-gnu target? I
> thought that it should be part of libc/newlib?
> Martin
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  You won't find the Linux crt1.o in newlib.

  Newlib was initially intended only to support embedded platforms.  Other than
the Cygwin project, no native platform OS's were supported - the thought being that there
were already much more robust native C libraries out there such as glibc.

  Werner Almesberger has been doing work to add Linux support to newlib.
See for further details.

-- Jeff J.

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