Merge of top-level

Andrew Cagney
Sun Nov 19 16:46:00 GMT 2000

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> I've just merged the top-level with that of the GCC
> repository, as well as libgcj's.  Now they're identical.  Please help
> keep them from diverging again.  Thanks,
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Index: ChangeLog
> from  Alexandre Oliva  <>
>         * Merge with GCC and libgcj.
>         (ALL_GCC_C, ALL_GCC_CXX): New macros.  Use them as dependencies of
>         configure-target-<library> when their configure scripts need the C
>         or C++ library to have already been built to work properly.
>         (do_proto_toplev): Set them to an empty string.

What is now going to be considered the master?  Like a few of the other
top-level files, I suspect one of the N Makefile.ins should be
designated as the master so that all changes get routed through it.

Off hand, I suspect the GDB+BINUTILS+DEJAGN+... version would be best. 
Only because it contains the most tools :-)


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