libiberty has been merged

Andrew Cagney
Tue Oct 17 23:49:00 GMT 2000


You should probably update src/MAINTAINERS to reflect this new reality. 
Btw did src/include get merged?


(Yes I know I'm cross posting :-)

DJ Delorie wrote:
> The "src" libiberty (and a few files in include/ that go with it) now
> matches gcc's libiberty (the master).  Please report libiberty bugs to
> the appropriate gcc mailing list (probably
> In the future, please feel free to merge any patches you may need from
> the gcc libiberty to the src libiberty, although I will attempt to
> keep them in sync myself (hopefully via automation).  If you check
> approved patches into the gcc libiberty, please also check them into
> the src libiberty.

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