Stdio redirection?

Kai Ruottu
Sat Oct 7 16:13:00 GMT 2000

"Russ.Shaw" wrote:
> I just had a look and found the read()/write() stuff in
> newlib-src/newlib/libc/sys/h8300hms. For some stupid reason,
> i can't remember seeing target systems in there. All along,
> i've been looking at the target directories in newlib-src/libgloss.
> Why are there two different directories of targets? Its the
> unexplained overall structure of the source trees and build
> steps that makes working-out problems difficult.

 The history document of libgloss seem to be stripped from the
current newlib, so be welcome to search the 'embed' docs from
the GNUPro-96q3 sources on the CDROM with the O'Reilly book
"Programming with GNU Software".

> So, if i just modify the read()/write()/sbrk() functions in
> newlib-src/newlib/libc/sys/h8300hms, then rebuild, would
> that work?

 Yes, and please remember to split the 'syscalls.c' into smaller

> Also, when configuring newlib says libgloss is not supported
> for the h8300-hms, what does that mean? The configure stops
> at that message too.

 It simply means that it cannot configure there for h8300-hms.
Please try the following in the 'newlib-1.8.2' main dir :

   1. $ less

   2. Search for "h8300" with "/h8300", and you will see the
      'noconfigdirs' list for h8300 and h8500. The list includes
      the 'target-libgloss', which means that 'libgloss is not
      supported' for h8300 or h8500.

 The 'noconfigdirs' definition includes also 'target-libio' and
target-libstdc++, so if you remove these from the ''
in the GCC sources, you will get the C++ libs built for H8/300[HS]

Cheers, Kai

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