problems in linking

P.S.Ravi Kiran
Mon Sep 25 02:55:00 GMT 2000

gcc version   - 2.95.2 
binutils      -2.9.1 
newlib        -1.8.2

configuration options--  from config.status file 
--host=i686-pc-linux-gnu --target=m68k-coff --prefix=/home/psrk/m68k -v

I got the binaries correctly and also I could compile my files
well. but when linking, it is giving the following errors in 
the compiler sources.

undefined reference to `__errno'
/home/psrk/m68k/m68k-coff/lib/libidp.a(lseek.o): In function `lseek':
undefined reference to `__errno'

can u please tell me what I can do with that error ?

And also there is one more problem that I have a function 
written in C like this.

int disable()
  register temp;
  asm(" move.w %sr,temp");
  asm(" andi   #61695,%sr");

The compiler is not giving any warning, but the linker says 
"undefined refarence to temp " in the asm statement.
I tried with _temp and it says
"undefined refarence to _temp "

I have some more functions written in assembly that the linker
was un-able to link them to C functions.

So please help me  in resolving these 

Thank you......

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