Soft-float and newlib

Walter Christian
Sat Sep 23 20:35:00 GMT 2000

On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, Michael Sokolov wrote:

> Walter Christian <> wrote:
> > The first problem I encounterd was, that newlib doesn't
> > build an soft-float version by default.
> This has nothing to do with Newlib. The decision as to what multilib variants
> to build is made in the gcc configury. Newlib and all other target libraries
> simply take this information from gcc.
> But I thought that the m68k-coff configuration *does* have an -msoft-float
> multilib variant. (I can't check right now as I'm preparing for the move to
> California.) What version of gcc are you using?


Yes. I just found the msoft-float library version of newlib in the
source-tree. You were right and it was build because it was part of the
multilib variant.
Know the debugger doesn't complain about an not available floating-point
instruction, instead it complains about an illegal instruction.

> CPU32Bug>go                                                                     
> Effective address: 00003000                                                     
> Illegal Opcode                                                                  
> PC   =000050B4 SR   =2700=TR:OFF_S_7_.....   VBR  =00000000                     
> SFC  =5=SD     DFC  =5=SD     USP  =0000FC00 SSP* =0000FD64                     
> D0   =40034764 D1   =52575662 D2   =40034764 D3   =52575662                     
> D4   =00000000 D5   =00000000 D6   =00000000 D7   =00000000                     
> A0   =00005F54 A1   =00005F54 A2   =00005534 A3   =40080000                     
> A4   =00000000 A5   =0000FEF8 A6   =0000FD74 A7   =0000FD64                     
> 000050B4 E9C2               DC.W        $E9C2

The function where the exception occured is __fixdfsi. As you said that
soft-float is part of gcc does that mean that my gcc compiler doesn't work
as it should ?

	Walter Christian

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