Soft-float and newlib

Walter Christian
Sat Sep 23 19:57:00 GMT 2000


I am currently having some problems with newlib (v 1.8.2) and my
motorola m68evk332 development board.
The basic functions in newlib, which doesn't make use of floating-point
work very fine. The first problem I encounterd was, that newlib doesn't
build an soft-float version by default. So I wrapped the m68k-coff-gcc
compiler that it always uses the -msoft-float parameter for compiling
code. Know newlib makes partially use of the software floating point, but
in some points it trys to use hardware floating point and i get an F-Line

Exception: F-line
PC   =00007B00 SR   =2700=TR:OFF_S_7_.....   VBR  =00000000 
SFC  =5=SD     DFC  =5=SD     USP  =0000FC00 SSP* =0000FFE0 
D0   =00000000 D1   =00000000 D2   =00000000 D3   =00000000                     
D4   =00000000 D5   =00000000 D6   =00000000 D7   =00000000                     
A0   =000091D0 A1   =000091D0 A2   =00000000 A3   =00000000                     
A4   =00000000 A5   =00000000 A6   =0000FFE8 A7   =0000FFE0                     
00007B00 F22E               DC.W        $F22E
                                    I think this is an FPU Opcode.

It would be great if someone could help me out with an newlib and
soft-float support targeted on an cpu32 platform or can help me with
resolving my problem.

	Walter Christian

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