Installing info files

J. Johnston
Thu Aug 31 12:43:00 GMT 2000

"Russ.Shaw" wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using linux on a pc.
> I did "make info" and "make install-info" in a newlib build directory,
> and it installed various files such as etc into
> /usr/local/info. However, i can't get them to display in the info reader.
> Also, i can't find anything such as an INFOPATH environment variable.
> Is there another step to make these files known to the info reader?

What version of info are you using?

The following is the help text for the default /usr/bin/info on my linux installation which
is version 3.12h:


Usage: info [OPTION]... [INFO-FILE [MENU-ITEM...]]

Read documentation in Info format.

  --directory=DIR          add DIR to INFOPATH.
  --dribble=FILENAME       remember user keystrokes in FILENAME.
  --file=FILENAME          specify Info file to visit.
  --index-search=STRING    go to node pointed by index entry STRING.
  --node=NODENAME          specify nodes in first visited Info file.
  --output=FILENAME        output selected nodes to FILENAME.
  --restore=FILENAME       read initial keystrokes from FILENAME.
  --show-options, --usage  go to command-line options node.
  --subnodes               recursively output menu items.
  --vi-keys                use vi-like and less-like key bindings.
  --help                   display this help and exit.
  --version                display version information and exit.

The first argument, if present, is the name of the Info file to read
(if none, info searches for a `dir' file along INFOPATH).
Any remaining arguments are treated as the names of menu
items in the initial node visited.


Note that it uses INFOPATH, but you can add any directory via the --directory=DIR option.
You should be able to do:

info --directory=/usr/local/info -f

-- Jeff Johnston (Red Hat Inc.)

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