How to read documentation

Mats Liljegren
Mon Aug 21 03:55:00 GMT 2000

Thanks for the info about making a .ps file, it worked perfectly!

But I have tried to find the info utility, and I thought this to be a
FSF tool. So I have been in , but I cannot find it
there. So apparently it is somewhere else.

Do you know where I can find info?


"J. Johnston" wrote:
> You can create a file as follows:
>   make info dvi
> Once done, go to  "newlib build directory"/"target specifier"/newlib/libc and do
>   make
> Do whatever you want with the .ps file.  Note that the make info must be done before dvi.
> Regarding viewing info files:  Assuming you have done a make info install-info, set the environment
> variable INFOPATH to point to "newlib install directory"/info and then issue:
>   info -f
> You can also specify the --directory option on the info call if you don't want to set the
> environment
> variable.  Issue info --help for more details.
> -- Jeff Johnston (Red Hat Inc.)

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