ARM questions

Joel Sherrill
Wed Jul 26 18:20:00 GMT 2000

I am looking at the arm support in newlib 1.8.2 and have a 
few odd notes/questions as I start to put together 

1.  setjmp.S is in sys/arm not machine/arm as most ports are.
    Is this right?  

bash$ ls */set*
arm/setjmp.S   go32/setmode.s	go32/settimeo.s    sysvi386/setuid.s
go32/setjmp.S  go32/setstack.S	sysvi386/setgid.s
bash$ ls ../machine/*/set*
../machine/d10v/setjmp.S   ../machine/mips/setjmp.S
../machine/d30v/setjmp.S   ../machine/mn10200/setjmp.S
../machine/fr30/setjmp.S   ../machine/mn10300/setjmp.S
../machine/h8300/setjmp.S  ../machine/necv70/setjmp.s
../machine/h8500/setjmp.S  ../machine/powerpc/setjmp.S
../machine/hppa/setjmp.S   ../machine/sh/setjmp.S
../machine/i386/setjmp.S   ../machine/sparc/setjmp.S
../machine/i960/setjmp.S   ../machine/tic80/setjmp.S
../machine/m32r/setjmp.S   ../machine/v850/setjmp.S
../machine/m68k/setjmp.S   ../machine/z8k/setjmp.S

2.  Does the code in sys interface with the ARM emulator in gdb?
    Any special instructions/warnings?

3.  libcfunc.c.. "seperate" not "separate"

4.  Any other warnings/advice about the ARM support in newlib or
    the simulator in gdb? 

Thanks in advance.

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