Questions on configure and dtoa for new target

Ran Cabell
Thu Jul 20 06:46:00 GMT 2000

I've got the basics of a newlib port for texas instruments tms320c3x/c4x
floating point dsps, but I have a few questions:

- how/where do I hardcode the configuration option
"--enable-newlib-hw-fp" whenever "--target=c4x" is selected? I've tried
various things in but can't get them to work.

- the c3x/c4x use non-IEEE floating point, which used to cause problems
in libm (thanks for the mathfp support!!) and is now causing headaches
in printf support routines, e.g. dtoa.c. Does anyone have
info/references/advice that might help me understand variables in dtoa.c
(Bletch is my favorite...)? I've got the Steele and White reference, but
there isn't a great deal of correspondence between it and the code.



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