More newlib issues w/StrongARM Target

Andrew E. Mileski
Fri Jun 2 08:21:00 GMT 2000

David J Croyle wrote:
> In our attempt to build newlib for a StrongARM target, we decided to
> build a separate toolchain and use the newlib headers. However in doing
> so, we have encountered some additional difficulties.
> We are using:
> Binutils- + Binutils-
> EGCS-1.1.1 + EGCS-1.1.1-arm-diff-990113patch
> NewLib 1.8.2

I built it for ARM using native gcc 2.95.1 and binutils and it works great.
Had to patch it for my setup (using it to write a custom firmware), as the default
config is for systems with Angel firmware and such.

I can send you my patch if you like, but it may not be relevant to your setup
(and hence I've not submitted it).

I suggest moving to newer tools if possible.

Andrew E. Mileski - Software Engineer

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