More newlib issues w/StrongARM Target

DJ Delorie
Thu Jun 1 12:48:00 GMT 2000

> Binutils- + Binutils-
> EGCS-1.1.1 + EGCS-1.1.1-arm-diff-990113patch

Make sure these are both built with the exact same --target= or egcs
may use the *native* binutils.

> Binutils & EGCS compiled fine and produced arm-elf-gcc and
> arm-linux-* (where * == the rest of the tools like ar, ranlib, etc.)
> executables.

This sounds like you didn't use the same --target= for binutils and
egcs.  They must match.  If you have arm-elf-gcc, you should have
arm-elf-ar (etc).

> Then we issued "../newlib-1.8.2/configure --host=i686
> --target=arm-elf" followed by a "make".

You shouldn't need the --host line.  In fact, if you *do* give it, you
may cause problems, like telling the builds you're cross-building a
cross-compiler (example: --build=linux --host=solaris
--target=arm-elf).  Just let the build guess the build/host platform.

> arm-elf-gcc -mlittle-endian -DPACKAGE=\"newlib\" -DVERSION=\"1.8.2\"
> /tmp/ccIMkXDe.s:2: Error: no such 386 instruction: `rfp'

Yup, arm-elf-gcc didn't see the arm-elf binutils so it's using the
native ones (i386) instead.

Note: you should add "-v" to the arm-elf-gcc command line options to
see which programs it's running.  You should see arm-elf-as,
arm-elf-ld, etc (or arm-elf/bin/as or something like that).

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