NewLib-1.8.2 does not compile on Redhat 6.1?

Pawan Singh
Thu Apr 27 13:24:00 GMT 2000

The reason why I want to use it for GNU/Linux is because we cannot afford
to get a bloated glibc on Linux. It is 1.2Meg in size stripped. If you
look at newlib size, it is less than half. I don't know what has happened
to glibc recently.

RedHat 6.1: glibc-2.1   1.2Meg
RedHat 5.2: libc        540K
RedHat 4.0: libc        ~300K

What are people adding to libc? And why is it not configurable to pick and
choose components? (e.g. latest glibc would not compile without linux
threads which is bloody adds 300K in size to glibc. It cannot be compiled
without unicode support which is 250K in size.

These are the reasons I started looking into using newlib.


On 27 Apr 2000, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On Apr 27, 2000, Pawan Singh <> wrote:
> > But my target is an embedded system running a 486. Do I need to do
> > anything special for that.
> --target=i486-elf may do it.
> > I thought that all the code is generally compiled by default for
> > x386, so it would work on my embedded system.
> The point is that there's no point in building it for GNU/Linux.
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