Add md5 checksum to snapshots?

Andrew Cagney
Tue Apr 4 01:09:00 GMT 2000


The GDB snapshots now include an md5 checksum file (gdb-<release>/md5)

0636e73ff0215e8d672dc4c32c317bb3  COPYING
f30a9716ef3762e3467a2f62bf790f0a  COPYING.LIB
07c33a285703b40cd6f93a478e97e03b  README
0636e73ff0215e8d672dc4c32c317bb3  bfd/COPYING
425357a8d33e0afc42b7b9c32508128f  bfd/ChangeLog

The ``gdb-<version>'' prefix is omitted as it makes a mess of diffs)

Would the binutils + newlib groups be interested in having an equivalent
file included in their snapshots/releases?  If so, I can update
src/ so that it generates md5 checksums as part of the
archive process.  The src/ target would be affected.

I could also always make the code conditional on ``MD5'' being defined.


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