Newlib Assistance

David J Croyle
Fri Mar 17 07:21:00 GMT 2000


I am working on an embedded arm-linux project. I currently have a Linux
kernel that
runs on an Intel Brutus development board.

We have developed our own SA-1110 based processor card and I am now in
the process
of starting on the bootloader code. This code will be standalone and
flash resident.

I wish to use the newlib library with this bootloader.

I currently have a gcc compiler tool chain that I am using for kernel
development. It 
is linked with glibc.

Do I have to build a new (separate) gcc compiler toolset and link the
newlib headers in
with it for developing standalone C code?

Is there a way to have one compiler tool chain and be able to link with
either glibc or
the newlib library?

Dave Croyle

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