Announcement: Newlib CVS access created

Ralf Corsepius
Thu Mar 9 02:42:00 GMT 2000

Ranjith Kumaran wrote:

> Hi newlib-fans,
> Some of you may know that Cygnus / Red Hat has been slowly opening up more
> and more of our source.  We're doing more development in ways that allow
> our work to be seen externally so that outside contributions are encouraged.
> Traditionally, the newlib source is only made available as static
> snapshots of our internal repository.  External users are given packaged
> releases from time to time that include up to a year's worth of fixes and
> enhancements.  While we will continue to do this, we would like to
> announce the availability of our ever-changing newlib source code repository
> through anonymous CVS and web-based CVS.

What has happened to libgloss?

It is bundled with the ftp version of newlib but apparently it is not available
from CVS.


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