Can't build 1.8.2-- missing install-sh?!

William A. Gatliff
Wed Feb 16 19:59:00 GMT 2000


Newlib 1.8.1 builds like a champ, but I can't get a build of 1.8.2 for
the sh-hitachi-hms target (at least).

I seem to be able to configure, like this:

configure --target=sh-hitachi-hms --prefix=/home/<myacct>/newlib

But,  when I do the make, I get this:

mathfp          ..working in             ..linked             ..linked
e_acosh.c               ..linked

zmath.h         ..linked
test            ..working in             ..linked
acos_vec.c              ..linked
acosf_vec.c             ..linked
acosh_vec.c             ..linked
acoshf_vec.c            ..linked
y1f_vec.c               ..linked
yn_vec.c                ..linked
ynf_vec.c               ..linked
creating cache ./config.cache
configure: error: can not find install-sh or in .. ./..
Configuring in sh-hitachi-hms/libgloss
ChangeLog               ..linked             ..linked

The make doesn't completely bail, but I end up with only libgloss.

Any ideas?



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