Chicken-and-egg: newlib and cross-gcc for bare target

Chan Shih-Ping Richard
Tue Jan 11 23:07:00 GMT 2000

Is there a chicken-and-egg problem when building cross-gcc
and newlib for a bare target?. E.g i686-pc-linux-gnu host
to arm-elf bare target.

No problems with binutils
When building a arm-elf-gcc, I have partial success. Since I
have no target headers/libraries the build dies looking
for stdio.h etc in choose-temp.c (somewhere inside the libiberty tree).
Nevertheless, gcc/xgcc is successfully built.

Now when I try to configure in newlib it fails because
configure can't use arm-elf-gcc to successfully run conftest.
(No crt0.o, no libc.a of course).

How do you bootstrap cross-gcc and newlib for bare targets?


Chan Shih-Ping (Richard) <>
DSO National Laboratories
20 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118230

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