basic questions

Peter Popov
Tue Dec 21 10:41:00 GMT 1999

I've successfully built a powerpc-eabi cross compiler
including the newlib-1.8.2 release.  I've never used
newlib before and have some rather basic questions 
for which I couldn't find any documentation.  After 
building the cross compiler, in the lib directory I ended up

ads.ld      le/       libiberty.a  libnosys.a*         lin/       sim-crt0.o
ca/         libads.a  libm.a       libsim.a            mbx.ld     yellowknife.ld
crt0.o      libc.a    libmbx.a     libstdc++.a.2.10.0  mbx.specs
ldscripts/  libg.a    libmvme.a    libyk.a             nof/                 

What I don't understand is why are there some many copies of the
same libraries? libc.a, for example, is in this directory, plus
in a whole bunch of other subdirectories:

#find . -name libc.a


I understand the "le", little-endian, subdirectory name, but 
not the rest. Any tips would be appreciated.  Please respond 
directly since I'm not on the list.

Thank you,


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