profiling variant of newlib

Richard Black
Thu Nov 4 02:43:00 GMT 1999


Thanks for the great hints.

> This should give you your variant libraries.  To access, specify -mprof when
> you compile/link. If you pick another directory name (e.g. profile, then the 
? option is -mprofile).
> The option tells the compiler/linker what libraries to link in.
> You can find all this information and more about MULTILIB in the gcc info 
> files.

Of course what I really want is to trigger the other library when linking with 
-pg rather than -m<something>.  But I think I can do that by hacking on the 
specs file -- I have the local host's specs file to refer to.

(Of course I now need to _write_ an mcount implementation, and convince the 
binutils to compile up a cross-gprof and ...)

Thanks again,


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