profiling variant of newlib

Richard Black
Wed Nov 3 06:59:00 GMT 1999

I am currently using newlib 1.8.1 in the gdb simulator for teaching 

I observe that the current newlib build system builds variants of newlib for 
all of --print-multi-lib ; what I am interested in is a variant compiled with 
-p(g) .  I cannot currently see any way of making the make system do this.

Is there something I've missed, or can this be added in the next release? I 
suppose that it is unusual to want to do this for most sourceware components, 
but for library code this is a useful option.

I am not currently on the newlib@ mailing list so please copy me on any 



Hmm. Thinks, maybe I could replace gcc with a hacked script that returned some 
strange output for --print-multi-lib..... I might be able to get the libaries 
I need with the wrong names in a different directory, but then I could just do 
some renaming and moving??

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