Change in thhe newlib mailing list setup

Jason Molenda
Tue Apr 27 15:50:00 GMT 1999


I've changed the newlib mailing list just a bit.  The list address
used to be, it is now
Mail sent to the address will continue to work for the near
future, please get used to typing the new address.

The way you subscribe and unsubscribe is now different.  To get off of
this list, send a mail note to
There is a long explanation about how to unsubscribe with this mailing
list software (ezmlm+idx) at

There is also a digest form of this list, if you prefer to get a single
mail note every day.  Unsubscribe to the list, then send a mail note

There are web archives for this mailing list at

Please feel free to e-mail me directly with any questions or concerns.

Free the Software!

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