Problem with i386-freebsd to m68k-aout ver 1.8.1

Roger Strandberg
Sun Sep 13 15:14:00 GMT 1998

Hello i have the problem that when i run MAKE newlib does not seem to
create a libm.a
se m.txt .... -> make all install CC_FOR_TARGET= etc etc...

my setenv is in s.txt.

$i=$home/cross, and not $i=$home\cross\bin it does not find the
m68k-aout-xxxxxxx then.

make clean >clean.txt and clean1.txt

I folowd every step in FAQ-0.8.2 and it only went wrong with newlib... i
tryed with 1.8.0 with the same result.
also with just "make all" but it failed also

reply also to


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