Announcement: newlib 1.8.1 available

Ranjith Kumaran
Mon Jun 22 14:37:00 GMT 1998


A new version of newlib (1.8.1) is available for ftp at

Some FAQs:

What is newlib?  It is a collection of:

- C library
- Math library
- various board support packages ["libgloss"]

for embedded systems.

This release contains:
- bugfixes from 1.8.0
- smaller libm modules
- multibyte support for JIS, SJIS, and EUC-JP
- Doug Lea's malloc replaces BSD malloc

See COPYING.NEWLIB for the various copyrights.

See newlib-1.8.1/README and the crossgcc FAQ for further documentation.
(crossgcc FAQ can be found at )

Online documentation is available in .

Problems/questions should be sent to newlib@cygnus.comA

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