memory routines question

Joel Sherrill
Fri Feb 27 11:34:00 GMT 1998


I seem to have generated a lot of newlib questions this week. :)

The person who ported the KA9Q TCP/IP stack to RTEMS has determined that
it is very sensitve to the performance of memcpy().  He has noticed 25-50%
improvments in TCP/IP throughput by using a memcpy() optimized for the
cpu32.  Looking at newlib 1.8.0, it looks like the m68k is using the
generic algorithm for memcpy().  

What would be the best way to approach getting this code in newlib so that
it could be enabled for just the cpu32 targets.  I believe this will be
dependent on Robin Kirkham's recent egcs patch to enable cpu32 as a
multilib option.

Given newlibs configuration scheme it would seem that there would have to
be a single m68k/memcpy file which ifdef'ed based on cpu model cpp
predefines, right?

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