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Wed Dec 17 07:36:00 GMT 1997

On 17 Dec 1997, Neal Becker wrote:

> Thanks for the reply!  I'm a little confused.  How does setjmp/longjmp
> relate to my problem?  Does this have something to do with crt0?  Or
> is this related to pic code?  I think I need a crt0.  The only one I
> found is from Intel-960-Rel5.1.

It doesn't relate to your problem.  But once you do get code up, you might
need setjmp/longjmp and find them missing.

RTEMS 3.6.0 (ftp.rtems.army.mil/pub/rtems/...) also has a crt0 for the
i960.  I don't know how it compares to Intel's. 

Sorry for confusing you.

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