Joel Sherrill joel@OARcorp.com
Wed Dec 17 06:19:00 GMT 1997

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Neal Becker wrote:

> I'd like to build newlib-1.8 for i960.  Right now, newlib-1.8 dies
> building in libgloss.  I guess that's because there's no bsp.  In
> particular, there's no crt0.s.
> I have crt0.s from Intel-960-Rel5.1.  It's written for pic.  I have no 
> idea why it's written for pic.  Neither gcc nor egcs supports pic on
> i960.  Any ideas on how to proceed?

There is also no setjmp/longjmp implementation for the i960 included in
1.8.0.  I added one for the i960-rtems target which is shared by all i960
configurations.  If you need it, I can email you a patch.

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