memcpy performance (fwd)

Joel Sherrill
Tue Dec 9 14:20:00 GMT 1997

Watch out for those performance minded RTEMS users. You will hear about a
wasted cycle for sure. :)

Here is Eric's feedback on what toolset/arguments he was using.  

FYI he ported the KA9Q and Linux TCP/IP stacks to RTEMS, the FP
trap code required for the 68040, implemented the termios console
support, and written the 68360 BSP. He is pretty swift. :)


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Date: Tue,  9 Dec 97 16:09:55 -0600
From: Eric Norum <>
To: Joel Sherrill <>
Subject: Re: memcpy performance

You wrote:
> What args did you give to gcc for the case you reported on the
> list? One of the new Cygnus newlib maintainers wants to know. And
> before they ask what version of gcc are you using. <
> I am getting pretty good responses this week from the Cygnus sde of
> the world.

m68k-rtems-gcc --version
egcs-2.90.04 970901 (gcc2-970802 experimental)

Here's how memcpy.c gets compiled.

-nostdinc -O2 -g -pipe  -m68332  -O2 -DHAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY  
-c ../../../../../../src/newlib/libc/string/memcpy.c

This produces the 5-instruction/byte copy:
0xe2ea <memcpy+22>:     moveb %a1@+,%a0@+
0xe2ec <memcpy+24>:     movel %d1,%d0
0xe2ee <memcpy+26>:     subql #1,%d1
0xe2f0 <memcpy+28>:     tstl %d0
0xe2f2 <memcpy+30>:     bnes 0xe2ea <memcpy+22>

Changing the memcpy source to:
        if (len) {
                do {
                        *ap++ = *bp++;
                } while (--len);
improves the loop to:
        move.b (%a0)+,(%a1)+
        subq.l #1,%d0
        jbne .L9
No loop mode, but certainly a lot faster!

The  `memcpy turns into bcopy which calls memmove' problem is  
because of the way the compiler was built.  The  
-DTARGET_MEM_FUNCTIONS=1 flag should be used (or set up when the  
compiler is configured).  Perhaps this change could make it into the  
next tools distribution.

Eric Norum                       
Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory        Phone: (306) 966-6308
University of Saskatchewan                 FAX:   (306) 966-6058
Saskatoon, Canada.

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