memcpy performance (fwd)

Jonathan Larmour
Tue Dec 9 12:02:00 GMT 1997

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> I thought I would pass this on.  Does the new version of memcpy do much
> better than this?
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> Date: Tue,  9 Dec 97 12:03:28 -0600
> From: Eric Norum <eric@skatter.USask.Ca>
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> Subject: Re: memcpy performance
> It's even worse than just a byte-by-byte copy!
> On the 971024 snapshot (gen68360 BSP) a call to memcpy produces:
[...a lot of unnecessary wastefulness]

Is he compiling with -O? If so, then gcc should include its own builtin
memcpy instead of the newlib one AIUI.

This may not be true for that target possibly. Anyone know?

Jonathan L.

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