more on i960 specific files

Joel Sherrill
Wed Oct 15 13:17:00 GMT 1997

It looks like the files in the machine i960 directory may not be totally
proper replacements for the generic implementatiaon of the string
functions.  The files do not seem to contain the exact same symbols the C
implementation does.  I saw a conflict as follows:

/i960-rtems/lib/libc.a(strcpy.o)(.text+0x0):strcpy.s: multiple definition
of `strcat'
first defined here

So be careful when construcitng the makefile and seeing what is really
valid to use. I think setjmp is probably OK.  

For now, I am just using the setump out of the i960 directory.  Optimized
i960 string operations are not THAT important to me right now. :)


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