[Bug localedata/22550] es_ES locale (and other es_* locales): collation should treat ñ as a primary different character, sync the collation for Spanish with CLDR

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Sat Dec 9 11:32:00 GMT 2017


--- Comment #13 from Héctor M. Monacci <hector.monacci at gmail dot com> ---
I have just attached another interesting proof.

Back in 1992, i.e., years before the Agreement was reached in 1994, there were
some very prestigious dictionaries that already used the new alphabet (without
CH and LL as independent letters).

The image is from page 241 of hte Gran Diccionario Salvat, originally published
in Barcelona. My copy is from a local edition in Buenos Aires. The newspaper La
Nación published it as a series of installments.

The fact that, back in this publication of 1992, only the Ñ was a special
Spanish character (and not CH and LL) didn't upset anybody.

It is a quarter of a century since. It is time to move on.

Please, can we agree on this?

We need Ñ to be treated properly under es_* locales, and especially under
LC_COLLATE sections. And we need to abandon support, at least as default, for
CH and LL as independent letters.

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